NUC International

NUC is a services company formed by a team of professionals with over 25 years experience in the development of its activity in the construction sector

Our core business is giving advice and management for real estate projects. Beginning with the first project feasibility analysis and arriving at the estate sale of finished products.

From the design of the projects we analyze the range of economic, legal, technical, marketing and advertising items that include any building project.

Our work system responds to both the needs of real estate development companies in the private sector, and the management of public sector projects, where we have built and operated schools, residences, sports spaces and all kinds of administrative buildings.

NUC is structured around three groups of services that we offer, to establish an ongoing, coordinated management that fulfills any real estate business.

Each of the parts included in the process of carrying out of an architectural project, is solved in our company due to the effort, join to rindividualized of our Service Groups, which have specialized departments to give answer to the practical management of each different phase of the project.

Constructions “NUC” around the world

Public sustainable buildings with nuc garantee certificate

  • Educational institutions, schools.
  •  High-tech hospitals.
  •  Comercial malls, leisure complex, water parks and all kinds of public spaces.
  •  Sustainable energy saving residentials complex with nuc garantee certificate.
  •  Design of public spaces, master plans, urban development.
  •  Prefabricated buildings integrating renewable energies
  •  Design of public spaces.

‘Using innovative concepts in both sustainability and MEP to integrate strategies which are simple, able to be aesthetically incorporated into buildings and be practical in terms of installation and maintenance to achieve the client’s requirements and to suit the architectural building form.’

Everything with the endorsement given by the European NUC Guarantee Certificate.





NUC projects devise, design and advance new projects. Responsible for the creation, design and multimedia presentation of projects.

This workshop R+D, create architectural designs. It provides our customers all innovations developed. Ideas,  designs, building systems, modular buildings, energy saving technology, prefabrication.